The books




The idea was put forward by Michael Mendoza in 2015.

To write two intertwined novels that could be read in either order? Something never before achieved in the literary world. They would be neither sequel nor prequel, nor stories told from differing perspectives. Although these stories are intertwined there is no first or second story. They can be enjoyed in either order or entirely alone.

He achieved this with the novels

Black Star & Red Planet

They were simultaneously released in late 2018 exclusively on Amazon


Michael Mendoza is the author of literature's first ever 'Twin' books. They are neither sequel nor prequel or a story told from a different perspectives. They are autonomous freestanding stories that share a timeline, characters and world and can be read in either order.


The Lazarus is a luxurious space cruiser taking a group of tourists on an 800 million kilometre pleasure trip around Mars. On board are a small team planning to drop down to the surface to recover a unique element known as Black-Star. Should they recover the element then security will be unprecedented during its return to Earth. 

Three of the passengers are planning to steal it.


Thawing a cryonically frozen human being after 500 years ago exposes a stable futuristic society to many ancient beliefs. One of those beliefs is ‘religion’ and the promise of immortality it once offered humans. Exposed to these beliefs, an artificial intelligence known as ‘Mother’ sets out on an attempt to fulfil that promise. A handful of people recognise ‘Mother's’ inability to understand the true meaning of being human. 

They must choose to destroy the thing they love or be killed with her kindness.

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