the shows

If we had the technology to put one of the world's biggest stars back on stage at his peak, not as himself but in an acting role. A guest performance in a show that pays tribute to his work.

Furthermore, if it could be done on multiple stages on the same night, with the same star?

Would we do it?

Michael Mendoza, Author

The plan is to feature a cameo appearance from a 22 year old David Bowie in an acting role.

The technology will be the star of the show, enabling it to be performed in multiple venues in multiple languages on any given night.

Multi-layered holographic sets and actors, illusion and magic bringing a three dimensional experience to the audience.


The stage shows are based on the twin novels by Michael Mendoza.

Because there is no first and no second show these performances will be unlike anything else in theatre.

On the first night of any venue you will be unaware of which performance you will see.


After the venue premier the shows will perform on alternate dates.


The technology to produce the show is already here. Stage produced hologram and digital mapping, 240 ft projection and grand illusion will synchronise on stage to produce a spectacle never seen before.


Holograpgic reproductions of famous figures are already with us. Stars like Michael Jackson and Tupac have performed on stage after their death.

stage set

Stage sets will be taken from both hologram and projection to reflect the technology used by touring acts like U2 and Roger Waters.


Vegas illusion techniques designed to thrill an audience as part of an ongoing stage production

The novels are available exclusively on Amazon Black Star & Red Planet. 

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